Radio Meeting : Connect-4 Championship 2019


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Every month at ZUMIX Radio we have a meeting with all the youth hosts to work on show content, brainstorm new ideas and welcom special guests to talk about the ‘behind the scenes’ of making radio. This past month we wanted to switch it up and have some fun on-air as a large group, so we had our first ever ‘Connect-4 Championship!’.

“It’s a good way for competition to happen, and for people to get together and have fun. Like stay in a competitive zone and have fun. Also you gotta hear when Dawry gets played, i’ll never forget that!’ – Abe, Firehouse Wednesday Host

Inspired by friendly competition, ASMR and the classic game of many childhoods, 16 peeps and a dog gathered in the radio studio to have an epic battle of skill and luck. Recorded and Broadcast live, you can take a listen to a condensed version in the link above!

Staff Picks : March 2019

Staff Picks - Image-2.jpgSpring is here! Well kinda, the days have gotten longer and the classes here at ZUMIX have been heating up with creative energy. Join in with this months picks with a real big range of music from Dance hits featuring movie stars and rising pop acts like Lizzo and gritty hip hop cuts from Eminem and underground artist Bones. Enjoy!

“Boasty” by Wiley, Stefflon Don, Sean Paul featuring Idris Elba

“I love Idris Elba. I love him. The song is fun too. But Idris… (sigh)” – Jenny Shulman, Director of Operations

“Ophelia” by Larkin Poe

“I’ve been listening to a lot of Larkin Poe lately. I love their “Tip of The Hat” video series, covers of songs by artists who have inspired them. I love their harmonies, funky playing, and the fact that they’re sisters! I wish my sister was still around, so we could listen to them together. I know she’s love them!” – Madeleine Steczynski, Co-Founder & Executive Director

“Living in the Sunlight, Loving in the Moonlight” by Tiny Tim

“The time has come: my last staff pick as Administrative Assistant at ZUMIX… dang. Well, y’all, when I think of ~*~Spring Awakening~*~, I consider all of the songs that evoke my happiest and most optimistic memories. I have to choose my happy-go-lucky favorite as heard on Spongebob Squarepants’ first episode EVER, coincidentally called “Help Wanted.” With these inspirational vibes in tow, I bid my position adieu!” – Julianna Quiroz, Administrative Assistant

“Shauri Yako” by Nguashi N’timbo

“This is one of the most uplifting performances I know, so I think it’s perfect for the advent of spring” – Ed Emerson, Creative Tech Manager

“Worship” by Lizzo

“Over the past couple of days, this has been my the-sun-is-out-and-I’m-feeling-myself anthem. It’s got horns. It’s got a dancey vibe. And it’s got Lizzo reminding you that it’s okay to be unapologetically confident and demand the respect you deserve.” – Sarah Saydun, Pathways Coordinator

“First Days of Spring” by Noah and the Whale

“As emo as this song is, the orchestral accompaniment gives me the sensation of being in hibernation, and stretching out my wings far and wide for the first time (do any birds hibernate? Well, this one does). It is a slow, and metamorphic song that does not ask you to burst our of winter, but instead to slowly crawl out of your cave (ok if any birds hibernate they definitely don’t do it in a cave but please bear with me here), let the ice melt away, and watch as the first flowers peek out from the desolate wasteland that we for some reason call “home”.” – Nikala Peroni, Development & Communications Associate

“All Used Up” by Utah Phillips

“A powerful story of conviction, resilience, and hope. I love how slowly and brilliantly the lyrics unfold and turn, and Utah’s conviction to tell truth to power (even if that’s his audience).” – Brian Paulding, Brass Instructor

“Tilt” by Scott Walker

“dark tune, (‘90’s), midway on his peculiar  journey from pop star to serious composer —from “Andy Williams to Stockhausen.” – Mr Ed, Teaching Artist

Mockingbird” by Eminem

“My young homie Abe helped me pick this months song. We picked it because we feel it represents the importance of not giving up even if you feel like there is no hope you have to have some faith that things will work out alright” – Corey Depina, Youth Development and Performance Manager + Abe, ZTC 

“RestInPeace” by BONES

“seeing BONES perform in Boston was life changing.” – Rene Dongo, Radio Station Manager

Take a listen on spotify here!

Staff Picks : February 2019

Staff Picks - ImageThis February we have a whole mix of new music for your ears! Take a listen to rising artists like Gus Dapperton and Rosalia to local artists Horse Jumper of Love and Lilith all picked by ZUMIX Staff, check it out!

“Drugs” by The Philharmonik

“I love this true story put together to a simple and catchy song. The thought of doing whatever you have to do to keep a roof over your head i am sure has haunted most of us” – Corey DePina, Youth Development and Performance Manager

“Pienso En Tu Mirá” by Rosalía

“My friend introduced me to this artist, and I’ve been obsessed. She’s a Spanish singer by way of Barcelona who fuses flamenco and hip hop together, and the chorus of this song in particular SLAPS!” – Chris Lee Rodriguez, Teaching Artist

“My Favorite Fish” by Gus Dapperton

““Ahhhhh, the season of love and friendship! There’s plenty of fish in the sea, but Gus tells his supremely talented photographer girlfriend, Jessica Farran, she’s his favorite (awwwwww)… AND features Orion Sun in the fun music video. I just want to dance like him and smile ’til my cheeks hurt when I listen to this.”” – Julianna Quiroz, Administrative Assistant

“Goodie Bag” by Still Woozy

“I heard this on a make up ad recently and had to shazam it; I’m a big fan of vocal stacks and what can I say, the funk is real :)” –Ed Emerson, Creative Tech Manager

“JBS” by Chaz Bundick Meets the Mattson 2

“I love Toro Y Moi, and love this collaboration – light, sunny psych rock sounds, with Chaz Bundick’s calm, melancholy voice. Perfect for a walk on a winter day.” – Sarah Saydun, Pathways Coordinator

“Bagel Breath” by Horse Jumper of Love

“This song reminds me of in the morning when you’re trying to get up but you’re still really really sleepy and your eyes keep shooting open but then drooping back closed. Maybe it’s even an exciting day, maybe it’s Saturday and you’re stoked because it’s finally summer and you’re gonna go on a really nice walk. Doesn’t matter, you’re still just too sleepy to get up. I think of these moments with nostalgia. A comfortable bed, a warm summer morning with rays of sunlight giving you a perfectly baked feeling- not too hot, not too cold, and a lazy Saturday. Also, on the weekends especially, I often do happen to have bagel breath. Very relatable stuff.” – Nikala Peroni, Development & Communications Associate

“I’ll Come Over” by Lilith

“There is something about the opening synth lines, the cool guitar squeals, drum fills, and baller harmonies that allow the song to be played on repeat without feeling played out. It pulls some nostalgia out of me that I can’t quite pinpoint but I really like it.” – Ramsel Gonzalez, Program Manager

“Narcisc0” by Rina Mushonga

“I haven’t been able to get this song out of my head all week, What beautiful production and melody.” – Brian Paulding, Brass Instructor

“Golden Hour” by Kacey Musgraves

“Feels like sunlight” – Rene Dongo, Radio Station Manager

Listen to this playlist on spotify here!


Staff Picks : January 2019

Copy of Nov 2018-2We have a whole bunch of music for your ears this January! Take a listen to what the ZUMIX Staff have in store hopefully also while warming up with a hot chocolate or some hand warmers because brrr! Take a listen to an eclectic mix featuring DRAM, DJ Premier,  Peggy Seeger and Pinc Louds below

Salamouti” by Amara Toure

I think it’s an interesting an unexpected collage of rhythms and textures from a few different places. Heard it at a birthday party recently and it caught my ear because I’m in process of recording with my band and there’s an energy in the horn part I’d like to emulate.” – Ed Emerson, Creative Tech Manager

The Glory of Love” by Big Bill Broonzy

Loving this raw and energetic version of one of my favorite old-time tunes.” – Brian Paulding, Brass Instructor

Cute” by DRAM

“I think you’re cute!! I think you’re cuuuuu-uuute”” – Sarah Saydun, Pathways Coordinator

Bring it All Back” by S Club 7

Bringing all that childhood energy and optimism back to 2019.” –Julianna Quiroz, Administrative Assistant and Events Staff

Regeneration” by DJ Premier Feat Nas & The Berklee Symphony Orchestra

Do you remember the time DJ primer wrote and produced a piece that the berkley symphony played, Then he had
NAS spit a verse over it? this was one very cool and creative collaboration that every one should know about. history if you ask me
” – Corey DePina, Youth Development and Performance Manager

Jawbreaker” by Injury Reserve ft. Rico Nasty & Pro Teens

A great commentary on modern “fashion” and the culture surrounding expectations for people of color and what people value.” – Dawry Ruiz, ZTC

When I Was Single” by Peggy Seeger

I just discovered Peggy Seeger, Pete Seeger’s sister, and she has so many awesome, progressive, feminist songs that she sings beautifully.” – Ali McGuirk, ZUMIX Play It Forward Instructor

Scrambled Inside” by Pinc Louds

This song is really more like two perfectly paired songs- like a dinner and a desert. You finish the last bite of a delicious meal at some fusion restaurant where you go “wow. That was different… but delicious!” Then all of a sudden- desert comes out. Faster than expected even! And it’s SO GOOD. You leave satisfied. That’s what this song is.” – Nikala Peroni, Development & Communications Associate

Out My Window” by Koushik

This song has been sweetly nostalgic for me since I first heard this album in 2008, and lately I have been playing it a lot again. The whole album is beautiful and largely slept on! One of my favorite Stones Throw Records releases. ” – Jake Gilman, Events Coordinator

Can’t Believe the Way We Flow” by James Blake

I love how this song is layered with the different vocals and sounds almost like water, especially when the chorus cuts out and comes like a flood; plus, it’s about his partner, Jameela Jamil, who plays Tahani on my favorite show, “The Good Place.”” – Chris Lee Rodriguez, Teaching Artist

Listen to this playlist on spotify here!

Staff Picks : December 2018 *Song of the Year*

Copy of Dec 2018.pngWe asked the ZUMIX Staff what song they returned to over and over this year and here they are! ‘Song of the Year’ is the vibe for this month’s staff picks and we hope you take a listen to the tracks!

Slide” by Calvin Harris (ft. Frank Ocean & Migos)

“This is a go to song either in the car or on my headphones during the commute. It makes for a good commute soundtrack.” – Kim Dawson, Director of Advancement

“Regarding the Ascending Stairs” by Lady Lamb

“Lady Lamb is definitely an artist I’ve come back to obsessively this year, but haven’t put on my Staff Picks yet. Lady Lamb’s songs are both the thick quicksand heartbreak and the elation of the promise of love. They are rich with beautiful poetry and metaphors that simultaneously punch you in the gut and fill your lungs with air as you shout along to the lyrics.  Kind of like Neutral Milk Hotel, but with a lady songwriter, and also much, much better.” – Sarah Saydun, Pathways Coordinator

That’s the Way I Feel About Cha ” by Aretha Franklin

“I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to this Bobby Womack cover this year, but it’s probably in the hundreds – Aretha Franklin is otherworldly.” – Ali McGuirk, Play It Forward Instructor

“Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley

“Let’s not take 2018 too seriously. HAPPY NEW YEAR!” –Julianna Quiroz, Administrative Assistant and Events Staff

“Somebody to Love” by Queen

“Older song I’ve come back to, this live version shows what a fabulous live band with only 4 people on stage can do— more concise and powerful than the studio version.” – Mr.Ed, Piano Instructor

“High Highs to Low Lows” by Lolo Zouaï

“I returned to this song so many times in 2018, Lolo Zouaï is such a unique entry and her ‘high high’ track is so relatable para mi, love this sound and can’t wait for more music from this artist” – Rene Dongo, Radio Station Manager

Listen to this playlist on spotify here!

Staff Picks : November 2018

Nov 2018

This November the ZUMIX Staff is cooking up all types of musical treats and being inspired by some amazing musicians, including Massachusetts based artists like Token and JonVair to newcomers with big buzz like Koffee and Cuco. Take a listen below and enjoy!

“thank u, next” by Ariana Grande

“She’s really out here being graceful in spite of everything… so, this one is for Gordon.” – Julianna Quiroz, Administrative Assistant

“Lamp Lit Prose” by Dirty Projectors

“Interesting sonic textures and intricate harmonies down every isle of this ear candy store – and Dirty Projectors now feature Kristin Slipp of Boston’s own Cuddle Magic (one of my faves)!” – Daniel Fox, Director of Creative Media and Tech.

“Goodluck” by Meernaa

“These are my homies from California. Love the slow, greasy tempo, beautiful vocal performance and production, and the Gibson SG guitar riffs/sound, all recorded to tape! They’re playing the Dorchester Art Project on Tuesday, Dec. 4 – check em out while they’re in town!” – Avi Salloway, Z-Tech Live Sound Coordinator

My Mind” by YEBBA

“I have watched this video 30 times this week.  It’s not often that someones technical capability matches their passion – YEBBA has got it all.” – Ali McGuirk, Play It Forward Instructor

“Toast” by Koffee

“Total fire. An anthem of gratitude.” – Brian Paulding, Brass Instructor

“Treehouse” by Token

“This local young man from Salem, MA is displaying technique, style and great work ethics. I can appreciate it, Go Token!!” – Corey DePina, Youth Development and Performance Manager

“Lo Que Siento” by Cuco

“I haven’t had Cuco on repeat all month you’ve had Cuco on repeat all month. ” – Sarah Saydun, Pathways Coordinator

“Life Jacket” by JonVair

“Local artist JonVair has made a real gem with this song. Between a booming baseline and some epic vocals it’s worth a listen.” – Rene Dongo, Radio Program Coordinator

“Heavy Pop” by WU LYF

“The lead singer’s raw and energetic vocals paired with the somewhat soothing, melodic instrumentals is incredibly satisfying for me. In finding that this song was a product of WU LYF’s only full studio album before the band’s unfortunate split, my obsession with it grew. I cling to the small remnants of unique sound that this band created, and will likely never create again. ” – Nikala Pieroni, Development and Communications Associate 

Listen to the Spotify playlist here

One Night Band Participants!

January is almost here, which means One Night Band is just around the corner! Originally presented by Boston Band Crush from 2009-2012 and rebooted by friend of Zumix Richard Bouchard last year, One Night Band is a day-long music experiment in which 40 Boston musicians are randomly shuffled into bands of five on a Saturday morning. These newly formed bands take the day to write 3 original songs and prepare 1 cover to play in front of an audience that night, with proceeds benefiting Zumix. You can check out a quick recap of last year below, and grab some tickets for the next one on January 12th here.

The 40 musicians taking part in One Night Band represent a diverse cross section of the Boston music scene, and they all donate their time and talent to help spread the word about ZUMIX, so we’ll spotlight them here individually. Check out their regular projects and bands, show them some love, get hyped, and get tickets.

Abbie Barrett has been featured in CMT’s Cool Album Cuts, Magnet Magazine, Vanyaland, and PopMatters. In 2015, she received a Boston Music Award for Best Songwriter, and most recently opened for the B-52’s. Her music falls somewhere between pop, rock, and a little strangeness. She plays regularly in the Boston area with her band.
Abbie Barrett

Al Crockett has been involved in the Boston music scene since 1990, primarily as a drummer. Past projects include Bugjuice, Ambush at Junction Rock, Chevy Heston, Lucky Lee Jones, Slim Jim and the Mad Cows, Commodore Vic LLC, and The Bikes. He currently plays with The Concerns, Freezepop, Lifestyle, and Pastel Noir. His hobbies include eating ice cream, playing Words with Friends, and namedropping.
al crockett.jpg

Soprano Alyssa Hensel is excited to represent the Boston Opera Collaborative at Boston One Night Band. Alyssa is a Boston based classical musician. Her appearances include the Tanglewood Festival Chorus (Bernstein’s Chichester Psalms), Beryl (Sunshine Girl), Linda (The Battle of Bull Run Always Makes Me Cry), Assistant B (Womb with a View), April #2 (Symposium), Vitellia (La Clemenza di Tito), Eliza (Dark Sisters) and Louisa Berry (A Letter to Vanguard, new commission). Alyssa attended Oberlin Conservatory of Music (B.M. ‘14, Voice) and The Boston Conservatory (M.M. ‘17, Voice).
Alyssa Hensel

Angel is a local artist, musician, creator and collaborator based in Jamaica Plain. They work as a music therapist, play actively in their electro-pop band Citrusphere and conjure sounds for their solo project RubyLuna. Sound is a divine process for them and they love to create it with others.
angel citrusphere

Anjimile is a queer and trans songwriter/folk singer/lover boy with a heart of gold. The essence of their musical output is a gooey center of warmth and tenderness informed by the power of their intersectional identities.

Antonio Irons is an electric bassist born and raised in Stoughton, Massachusetts. With experience playing a multitude of styles including rock, jazz, funk, R&B, and pop music, he has taken his talents across New England playing at a multitude of venues with a number of different groups. Some of these venues include the Boston Park Plaza, Franklin Park, Latchkey, Wally’s Jazz Club, Fenway Park, The Plainridge Park Casino, and The Bitter End. Tony aspires to be a session musician and acoustic engineer after graduating college at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in May 2019.
Antonio Irons

The Arcitype is a Cambridge-based music producer, co-owner of The Bridge Sound and Stage recording studio, founder of the Cambridge-based independent label, AR Classic Records, and back to back winner of Boston Music Awards “Studio Producer of The Year” in 2016-17. He is also the producer and member of the Boston-based hip hop group, STL GLD.
The Arcitype

Billy Dean Thomas, AKA “The Queer B.I.G” is a Hip-hop recording artist and composer born and raised in Harlem, but currently residing in Boston. Billy challenges the music industry with polyrhythmic flows that align with intersectional feminism, social justice and the difficulties of growing up in NYC. After sharing their story on ABC’s the View and releasing their debut EP “Rocky Barboa” they have been invited as a guest to perform at The Brooklyn Museum, The Isabella Stewart Gardner, The Museum of Fine Arts and have been nominated for two Boston Music awards and are currently an Artist in Residence at MASS MOCA.
billy dean thomas.jpg

Carl Harkness is a drummer hailing from Brighton, MA, playing for such bands and artists as Doom Lover, Lindsey Starr (Los Angeles), formerly Radclyffe Hall, and others. He is a graduate of Berklee, has since been playing and producing music in and around Boston MA, and Austin, TX, and proudly plays Anchor Drums. Carl and Doom Lover may be most notably famous in Boston for their Vaudevillian Spectaculars, a full night of music, dance, comedy, hijinks, art, and mystery. You can experience the next installment on December 28th @ Brighton Music Hall, when Doom Lover presents “A Winter’s Miracle”, the vaudevillian special and album release show for Doom Lover’s highly anticipated forthcoming full length album ‘Outside Voices’.

Chad Raleigh can be found string bendin’, feedback makin’ and the occasional pick slidin’ at The RationalesLonely Leesa & The Lost CowboysRingtail and Ajda the Turkish Queen.

Pretty good at a couple things, but not great at one, he doesn’t really like the beach and he wholeheartedly believes Eric Clapton is the most overrated musician ever.
Chad Raleigh

Charles Morton currently plays bass in local emo veterans no hope/no harm and indie darlings Church and Puppets. He’s been tooling around the Boston music scene since the late 90s, playing bass and sometimes singing with mathrock goofballs Shore Leave, garage-gazers Lady of Spain, and powerpop delinquents Negative Ghostrider. You probably saw him play at the Sky Bar at some point before the Big Dig was finished, you know, when Somerville was affordable. He not-so-secretly misses the Abbey Lounge.
Charles Morton

Christine Atturio plays guitar and sings in a band called Save Ends that formed in the Boston suburbs in the winter of 2010 during a friendly game of Dungeons and Dragons. They have released three EPs and two full lengths, most recently 2017s “A Book About Bad Luck”.
Christine Atturio

Dan Costa is a singer/guitar player best known for his work with the progressive heavy act, The Under. As a vocalist, Dan carries an impressive 3 octave range, but he can also growl and grunt with the best of them. He is also a versatile guitarist whose stylewanders from jazzy and ethereal to full on crushing heaviness. With a new drummer in tow, Dan and The Under are quickly working on a new set of songs to unleash upon lovers of high-minded rock music.
dan costa.jpg

Dhy Edwardsberry spends most of her time making music under the moniker Neon BLK (fka Radclyffe Hall). When she isn’t doing that, she can be found playing bass in Oompa’s band, The Chocolate Factory, and for other friends around Boston. [Photo credit Jen Vesp]
dhy Edwardsberry

Born Vanda Bernadeau in Hinche, Haiti to a Haitian mother and Haitian-Dominican father, Dutch ReBelle is known for “mixing introspective, punch-lined filled lyrics with heart pounding production”.

ReBelle earned national attention early on with electrifying performances at SXSW, A3C and the Brooklyn Hip-Hop festival. Publications like XXL noted ReBelle “spearheading her way into blogs because of her poetic style…lyrical bravado…and fiery talent.”

Having earned the title “Queen of the Bean,” ReBelle solidified her local reputation as a “ReBelle with a Cause” (The Boston Globe) with her 2012 “Married to the Music” EP. Soon after her “Sunday Morning” music video was featured on MTV’s Rap Fix Live, ReBelle was named “Best Hip-Hop Artist” by the Boston Music Awards and featured on the cover of The Improper Bostonian.

Ms. “kiss kiss, BANG BANG” has found success defying expectations and is now cultivating a global audience. With last year’s release of “NO STEMS”, reintroducing ReBelle reintroduced her rap roots with sounds inspired by her Haitian-Dominican upbringing and recent festival performance in Africa.

She’s been nominated for underground music awards and has claimed “Best Hip-Hop Artist” at the Boston Music Awards. Her videos have graced MTV’s Rap Fix Live and her verses hum with “poetic style and lyrical bravado” (XXL). ReBelle connects to her audience with city grit and island vibes, setting sultry scenes and delivering thoughtful commentary.

Staying true to her instincts when it comes to elevating fans above major labels: her latest release Bang Bang, the follow-up project to Kiss Kiss is the latest of many projects under her independent label ReBelle Music, and the first to be entirely crowdfunded.
dutche rebelle

Ed Balloon is a singer and performer, whose music is a unique blend of R&B, electronic, pop, and hip-hop. With influences ranging from of Montreal, to Jill Scott, to Maxwell, his diverse musical background combined with his Nigerian roots produces an unparalleled sound.

Ed Balloon performs live with a full band, to create an energetic stage presence, captivating his audience with one-of-a-kind dance moves.
Ed Balloon

James Towlson is a Boston based singer, songwriter, bassist, and guitar player. His past bands include: These Thieves, The Campaign for Real-Time (06′ Rumble and BMA winners), and Marconi. He’s currently in Party Bois (nominated for three 2018 BMA’s).
James Towlson

Jennifer D’Angora (aka Jenny Dee) made her start with garage rockers The Downbeat 5 and power pop/punk band The Dents, before deciding to indulge her love for the girl group and soul sounds of the 1960’s with Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents and gospel/soul with The Revs. Some of her most memorable musical moments include opening for J. Geils Band & Aerosmith at Fenway Park, and sharing bills with amazing artists such as, The Zombies, The Hoodoo Gurus, The Pretty Things, The Knitters, The Blasters, The Muffs, Dick Dale, Lee Fields, Hilton Valentine (of the Animals), Bettye LaVette, The Breeders, The Zombies, and many more. Finally, there’s that Boston Music Award in 2010 for Best Female Vocalist.
Jen Dangora

Jess Baggia is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist living and working in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In March 2009, Baggia self-released her debut studio EP, ‘Back in the Game’, a collection of original compositions featuring her unique pop sensibility through a range of roots, blues and Americana influences. The collection’s single “Hope” stood out on Women of Substance radio’s rotation as one of 2010’s most requested songs. Baggia spent the following years playing around the Greater Boston area, building a supportive fan base and selling out popular local music venues.

March 2015 marked the debut of Baggia’s rock project, Man Trouble (formerly called Red Right Hand). Think: PJ Harvey meets Patti Smith with a dash of the Kills. Man Trouble’s self-titled, second album was released in October 2017. Her latest project, This Bliss, just debuted their first full length album via Mint400 Records. Entitled, ‘Forensic Styles,’ This Bliss delivers a cinematic dreamscape that explores the world of trip-hop and electronica—through the lens of a crime novelist.

In addition to her work as a musician, Baggia is a live music audio engineer and former editor/contributing writer for the Northeast edition of Performer Publications.
Jess Baggia

Some have said that Jesse James Salucci is to rock drumming what Neil Peart is to backpacking Europe. By that they mean that he’s not sure how he ended up doing it, but he’s enjoyed it so far. Born the son of a pro musician, he grew up listening and learning in their home recording studio and tried to develop a basic proficiency of every instrument he could get his hands on. After answering a particularly auspicious Craigslist ad in 2006, he’s been lead drummer for The Lights Out ever since.
Jesse Salucci

Jim Gilbert is known primarily for his work with indie rock band The Sheila Divine. He has also played with The Plain Janes, Max Heinegg, Smiths tribute band Unhappy Birthday and has his own songwriting moniker Serial Recall Test.
Jim Gilbert

JoBeth Umali is a Boston drummer who has toured and recorded with Zili Misik, The Furies, Nephrok & many more. She currently plays with Taina Asili, Silver Arrow Band & Jugghead Band. She is also on the leadership for Women In Music: Boston, strengthening ties among the local music scene.
JoBeth Umali.jpg

Johnny Jimenez has been playing drums in local bands for the last 20 years. Some good, some not so good. He currently makes computer music under the name Kid Taco and co-hosts the hit radio show We Let The Hats Decide on He likes pizza.
Johnny Jimenez

Raised between the States, and Seoul, South Korea, Kaya Boom (real name Kaya Doran) is a music producer, composer, songwriter, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and performing artist, whose music is as fervent and soulful as it is eclectic. A versatile musician with over 10 years experience she has contributed music to film, web series, advertising, VR and other multimedia projects.

Kaya’s self-produced debut EP, “Mellow into Blue,” marks her first foray as a solo artist, and her music draws on a wide range of influences and genres, spanning from jazz to classical to experimental to hiphop to traditional Korean folk music. In true entrepreneurial spirit, she wrote, performed, produced and recorded “Mellow into Blue” almost entirely on her own in her bedroom. She debuted her EP in Hong Kong as a part of the West Kowloon Cultural District music festival Freespace Happening.

Kaya, a Boston resident, is an active contributor to the city’s rich and ever-growing local music community, regularly collaborating with other local artists. She is an active founding member of “The JamFam Collective” and has taught songwriting to the women and girls of Rosie’s Place, as a tool for empowering them to tell their stories of oppression, resilience and hope in a creative and transformative way.
Kaya Boom.jpg

Lee Moretti formed rock band/songwriting collaborative The Furies after coming off the road as Third Eye Blind’s multi-instrumentalist and background vocalist, and the last few years have been a time of quickening growth for the unique group. The Furies EP “Omens,” a collection of vignettes reflecting on courage, loss, and discovering light in the darkest places. was released in November of 2015 to glowing reviews across the board and continues to receive praise, and the band was recently named “Best in State” at the New England Music Awards.
lee moretti

Mei Ohara is an electric violinist, vocalist, and electronic producer inspired by the cosmos and human psychology. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in classical violin performance from Boston University in 2012, but has worked extensively as a violin teacher, solo and ensemble performer, and session violinist over the past few years in a variety of genres including electro, metal, rock, pop, folk, and more. As a solo electro artist she has performed around the country, including but not limited to New York City, Los Angeles, Solar Flux Festival in Arkansas, and various Steampunk festivals in New England. Beyond creative musical endeavors, Mei also studies music psychology in a research lab setting for her 9-5. [Photo and edit by A Curious Production]
Mei Ohara

Currently drumming for Boston bands Bird Language and Test Meat, Michael Nashawaty has been playing since his early teens. From rock to funk with a bit of jazz Michael adapts his playing to fit the song as needed. Previously in bands PLANETOID, Slim and the Tank, and others Michael has toured America and recorded multiple albums.

Michelle Paulhus has been playing bass and singing around New England for the past 20 years with bands like The Dents, The Real Kids, Andrea Gillis Band, The Decals, The Marvels. She’s a part-time member of BOTO (Band Of Their Own) and part of the Hot Stove Cool Music family. Her newest endeavor, Stars Like Ours can be seen rocking their 90’s inspired music around the Boston area. She likes sunsets, long walks on the beach, anything by Joe Jackson and most of all, tuning up her Fender Jazz to play shows.

Hailing from Madagascar, singer-songwriter and Malagasy award winner Niu Raza has performed with the likes of Nigerian record producer, singer-songwriter, and musician Don Jazzy, as well as Grammy Award–winning Hugh Masekela and singer-songwriter Vusi Mahlaseka. Blending huge jazzy vocals with soul, African groove, a touch of Caribbean beats, and pop, Niu Raza’s sound is full, mature, and alluring.
Niu Raza

A young upstart on the local music scene and aspiring cult artist, Phil Aiken is quite proud to be a member in good standing of the Sharon Public Library. He is most often seen playing electric piano and organ, but was recently locked in a room full of analog synthesizers for several months with no food and water, and nobody quite knows what to expect from him going forward.
Phil Aiken

Rainy plays drums in Happy Little Clouds, Service, and Eye Witness, and bass in Sapling. She likes books, cats, coffee, and wandering away from large groups. Additional skills include licking her elbow and Mario Kart. Significant failings include but are not limited to doing cartwheels and putting the new toilet paper back on the thing.
rainy logan.jpg

Caribbean neo-soul artist, Rebecca Zama is a singer, songwriter, pianist, actress and poet. She’s been performing since the age of three for audiences around the United States and Haiti, her country of heritage. Her R&B/Soul background is fused with Zouk, Konpa and Kizomba, her soulful stylings leaving their mark on the Haitian Music Industry.

In her career, she’s garnered an impressive amount of musical accolades including a 2016 Boston Music Award nomination for International Artist of the Year, a 2017 nomination for R&B Artist of the Year, a 2017 nomination from the Prestigious Haitian Music Awards for Female Artist of the Year, and a Prestigious Haitian Music Award for Female Breakout Artist of the Year in 2018.

Accurately described as a jeune prodige by Le Nouvelliste, Rebecca Zama’s skills span beyond music.  She is also a dancer, Haitian Movie Award winning actress and a published poet, writing the anthology entitled Optimum Me inspired by the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010. Her love and passion for Haiti led to Zama co-founding The Haiti Global Youth Partnership, Inc. This 501c3 nonprofit organization provides enrichment programs to the youth and community of the rural village of L’Asile, and Haiti at large.


Reilly Somach is a singer-songwriter and vocalist/guitarist of The Rupert Selection (recently nominated by The Boston Music Awards for Rock Artist of 2018). Hailing from the Philadelphia suburbs, Somach moved to Boston’s North Shore in grade school and has since spent most of his life playing in various bands and projects. A versatile and adventurous supporter of the local music scene, Somach can often be found performing solo, accompanied only by an acoustic guitar, or with revolving line-ups.
Reilly Somach

Singer and multi-instrumentalist Robin Melendez has been involved in the Worcester and Boston music scenes since 2011. A vocalist first and foremost, she also plays keyboards with Parks, and mandolin with Poor Eliza and Worcester-based Hit The Bus. By day Robin works as a fundraiser and event planner.

Ronnica is the lead singer and guitarist of Mint Green, an indie punk band that has been described as “making music that feels like the first signs of spring—teeming with life, but still vulnerable and fresh.” The band has been nominated for two Boston Music Awards and have performed with acts such as Sidney Gish, Jeff Rosenstock, Vagabon, Alex Lahey, and Free Cake For Every Creature.

Steph Curran is a multi-instrumentalist who has spent the past 18 years playing guitar and bass in several metal and rock bands across the New England music scene.

Currently, Steph is the guitarist in Carissa Johnson and The Cure-Alls who won the 2017 Rock n’ Roll Rumble and Best New Artist at last year’s Boston Music Awards, and the are trio are nominated for four more BMAs this year, including Album of the year. Other bands include The Static Dynamic, Marianas, and Breathe. Steph is known for her animated live performances and serious love of denim vests. [Photo credit Matt Lambert]
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Tess Fagan grew up in a small neighborhood in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn, New York. She began piano lessons at age 4 and at the young age of 5 she was accepted into the prestigious Manhattan School of Music Precollege. She attended until the age of 18 under the study of renowned concert pianist Claudia Knafo. Tess also attended the French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts, where she picked up the electric bass for the first time at age 14 and has been in love with playing it ever since. Some of her most meaningful musical accomplishments have been performing to raise money for the Memorial Sloan Kettering children’s cancer hospital in New York, as well as going on her first international tour in 2018 to Hong Kong. In her spare time, Tess loves to experiment with cooking new dishes with her partner.
Tess Fagan

Tia Mayhem is an internationally touring bassist from Detroit who performs in the multi-award winning all-female band, Flight of Fire which she co-founded with her identical twin sister, Tanya Venom, and their best friend, Maverick. Tia has been playing electric bass for 14 years and has been performing since she was 16. Graduating from Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor’s Degree in Film Scoring and Electric Bass Performance, Tia strives to create complex and melodic bass lines that add depth and character to her music. During her Sophomore year at Berklee, she was awarded with the Bass Achievement Award, and her work with Flight of Fire has been recognized by the Limelight Music Awards, New England Music Awards, the Hollywood Music In Media Awards, and the Boston Music Awards. Currently, you can find Tia Mayhem touring, performing high-energy shows, songwriting, and recording with Flight of Fire, as well as teaching bass to anyone with a passion for the low end.
Tia Mayhem

Timothy Hall is an educator, artist, and entrepreneur, from Detroit, MI, who now resides in Boston, MA. He began playing alto saxophone at the age of 10. In college, Hall found poetry and used this form of creative expression to share his thoughts on paper. Tim Hall draws inspiration from his lived experiences – charting the nuances of blackness, masculinity, and the beauties of life. As a musician, Hall has shared stages with world-renowned recording artists such as The Nappy Roots, Carolyn Malachi, Bilal, Chris Turner, and Aloe Blacc. His poetry has been heard at Boston’s Hub Week, The Museum of Fine Arts, Berklee College of Music, Outside the Box Festival, Bridgin’ Gaps Festival, and many other venues and poetry slam communities around the Boston/Greater Boston area. Hall currently works at Berklee College of Music as the Assistant Director of the Career Center, and is the co-owner of HipStory – a digital media production company dedicated to creating and showcasing the work of marginalized identities within media. Tim Hall’s work can be found in his self-produced spoken word EP entitled Colors Of My Soul, and in his self-published book titled Trust The Process, both of which released in 2016.
Tim Hall

Vishnu Reddy is a drummer from Chennai, India currently residing in Boston and finishing his degree at Berklee College of Music. He is the drummer for the bands Dapper Duck, The Summoned and Merithius as well as being a formidable session drummer in the New England metal community, having filled in for bands such as Circuitry, Intoxicated Rage, Lattermath and Pathogenic as well as the Berklee run “Queen Boudicca Metal Opera”. His drumming style is very influenced by the metal bands he grew up listening to as well as a heavy dose of jazz fusion and Indian and Middle Eastern odd-meter percussion repertoire.
Vishnu Reddy