Conservatory Lab Comes to ZUMIX


This past week, the fearless Nic Benjamin, host of Monday Night Facts, interviewed a group of young brass musicians from the Conservatory Lab Charter School. In addition to his radio broadcasting skills, Nic also plays the trombone. Together, Nic and his guests shared fun facts about brass instruments and discussed the role of music in education. Take a listen to the following clips to hear Nic’s interview and three live songs performed by the Conservatory Lab:

Part I: What is Conservatory Lab?

Part II: Brass Instrument Fun Facts

Part III: Stand By Me

DJ Diamonds and DJ Lolz Shine Light on Living with Chronic Illness and Being Vision-Impaired


Kaylene Sheran and Kat Raschi, aka DJ Diamonds and DJ Lolz, hosted a special episode of their weekly radio show, Friday Variety. In celebration of Heart Health Month and Low Vision Awareness Month, the co-hosts shared their own personal stories of living with chronic illness and being vision-impaired young people. Their courage, resilience and strength shines through every minute of this memorable radio discussion.

Part I: Kaylene’s Story

Part II: Gratitude

Part III: Kat’s Story / Challenges, Accomplishments & Ways to Help

ZUMIX DJ Carlos Perez Gets Exclusive Tour of AMP Radio

Carlos Perez & Matt Shearer.JPG

Long-time ZUMIX DJ, Carlos Perez, has been working with his mentor, Matt Shearer, for almost 3 years. Throughout the course of their relationship, Carlos has grown into a confident and enthusiastic radio DJ, hosting a teen perspectives talk show called Alternative Adolescence. Together, Matt and Carlos have built a strong and caring relationship that acts as a model for what a mentor-mentee relationship can be. We are grateful to both of them for their consistent hard work and commitment to one another.

When Matt’s not mentoring at ZUMIX, he works as a professional radio producer at AMP Radio. This past week, Matt brought Carlos to his place of work for an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of AMP Radio — one of Boston’s biggest commercial stations. There, Carlos saw their impressive facilities and had the chance to talk with a number of well-known radio personalities. Here’s what Carlos had to say about his experience: “Getting the chance to see what a commercial radio station is really like, it opened my mind to what a career in radio could be. It was an overall great experience!”

Thanks, Matt! We’re so glad Carlos got this opportunity!

ZUMIX Radio DJ Manuela Melguizo Hosts Youth Musicians from Boys & Girls Clubs Across Boston

Boys & Girls Club:Manuela 6.JPG

Last week, ZUMIX youth DJ Manuela Melguizo and her mentor Andres Lombana-Bermudez hosted over 20 young musicians from Boys & Girls clubs across the Boston area: Charlestown, South Boston, Blue Hills, Roxbury, Chelsea and the Mattapan Teen Center. If you’ve ever been in the ZUMIX Radio studio, you know that we have only four guest mics. Thus, squeezing so many people into our space was a logistical challenge, and one that Manuela handled like a pro! She interviewed the group in two sections. During each session, she aired the young musicians’ tracks — each produced at their respective Boys & Girls Club — and followed-up with discussions about songwriting process and artistic inspiration. Take a listen to the following two recordings to hear an exciting collaboration between 94.9 FM ZUMIX Radio and Boston Boys & Girls Clubs.

BAD GAL RADIO hosts the ICA’s Fast Forward Class

Untitled design copy.jpg
ZUMIX Youth DJ Angelina Botticelli, host of the feminist indie rock radio show BAD GAL RADIO interviewed teens from the ICA’s Fast Forward program. The Fast Forward program teaches Boston youth film production, and an important part of that work is collecting and curating audio. And herein lies a beautiful collaboration between ZUMIX and the ICA. Angelina aired the classes’ audio pieces, each a sound-based response to a visual artwork at the museum. Listen to the following clip to hear these pieces, and dive into a conversation about art, music and what’s its like to be a teen artist in Boston today.

Angelina closed her interview by leading a powerful conversation about teenage activism. Check it out here!

ZUMIX Youth Interview Local Hip-Hop Artist Latrell James

Last month, ZUMIX packed the firehouse for an electric hip-hop extravaganza. ZUMIX youth Jr. Biggie opened for local hip-hip acts Oompa and Latrell James. These artists’ powerful poetry and commanding stage presence brought the house down for a night to remember. In preparation for the big performance, the hosts of Ramble Radio interviewed Latrell James and Jr. Biggie on 94.9 FM ZUMIX Radio. Check out the following clip in which ZUMIX youth and Latrell James bond over the unparalleled creativity of young people and their love of cartoons:

Also take a listen to this impromptu freestyle session between Latrell James and ZUMIX youth Biggie Jr. and Chad Williams:

A Big Thank You to Our Community DJs

We are proud of and grateful to all our community DJs. Thank you for all that you do for 94.9 FM ZUMIX Radio!

Between 11am-3pm on weekdays, and 1-4pm on Saturdays, you can tune-in to 94.9 FM ZUMIX Radio to hear a diverse array of radio shows hosted by non-youth community DJs. Many of these shows are also re-broadcast after 8pm. You’ll hear many genres — salsa, R&B, blues, jazz, metal, hip-hop, pop, and local music, to name just a few — as well as discussions around important community topics like immigration, education, neighborhood activism, mental health, and local arts-coverage.

To get a sense of our community sound, take a listen to this montage of clips from 15 current community radio shows. And if you hear something you like, make sure to tune-in to the full shows every week! You can find our most updated radio show schedule at