Staff Picks: March 2020

Staff Picks - Image.png

This month we have 8 great tracks for you to listen to! Staff picked their favorite tracks to get through quarantine this month. While this has been a tough time of staying in doors, hopefully these sweets sounds can help pass the time.

“Strange Days” by The Doors 

The lyrics led me here Interesting vintage video added bonus -Mr. Ed Piano Instructor

“Run” by Collective Soul 

It feels really relevant right now – Kim Dawson Director of Advancement 

“Get To You Again” by Mac Ayers 

Quarantine vibes, obvi. but also the haunting melody makes a beautiful earworm. – Kadahj Bennett Instrumental Music Manager 

“Don’t Leave Me Lonely” (Acoustic Version) by Yabba and Mark Ronson

I’ve been hearing Yabba’s name for years and her vocals are dope, runs nasty and the keyboard underneath is the most comfortable bed of sound. Way better than the club version in my humble opinion. – Brandon Hardaway A. AllenAIM Voice Instructor / Voces Ensemble Director

“Abandoned City” by Jireh Calo & Daniel Volovets

Sometimes music needs no words to describe and express a story or feeling. This beautiful song written by my friend Daniel is one that does just that. We recorded it last year as part of a duo project called “The Kwarto Sessions”. – Jireh Calo Piano and Vocal Instructor

“Flowers to My Demons” by Nnamdi

I’ve known Nnamdi for awhile now, and good upcoming solo album BRAT (out this Friday) has solidified his genius as an artist. I believe this song and album are a masterpiece, and everyone should listen to it now. – Chris Lee-Rodriguez, Teaching Artist

“Cash Machine” by Hard Fi 

I’ve been a bit homesick lately and started listening to some music that was big in UK while I was wrapping up high school. Seems like rat race anthems are a surefire path to a hit for upcoming artists. I can’t help but enjoy the irony that pledging allegiance to the perennial plight for the proletariat is a passport to the bourgeoisie. Alliteration is fun too! – Ed Emerson, Creative Tech Manager 

“Berlin” by Adult Mom 

This song has beautiful imagery and a soothing repetition that makes it fantastic for these long empty days looking longingly outside your window. – Nikala Pieroni, Development and Communications Manager

“Give Me Another Chance” by Empress Of

Empress Of keeps digging into the core of what it means to be an artist, shifting styles and doing it with such energy, love this sound right now – Rene Dongo, Radio Station Manager

“Can’t Explain It ” by Chika

I like this young ladies vibe and think I she is doing what she does naturally – Corey DePina, Youth Development and Performance Manager

“Telling Me Lies” by Cilla Bonnie

Listen to it here.

This song is so moody and groovy and cool. Cilla is one of my favorite bass players in the world (I may be slightly biased). This whole EP speaks to me in a big way. – Ali McGuirk, Adventures in Music & Play It Forward Instructor

“We’re Gonna Make It” by Little Milton

I love the whole album, but the lyrics and spirit of “We’re Gonna Make It” are so uplifting. Great theme song for our current state of pandemic lock-down. – Madeleine Steczynski, Co-Founder and Executive Director

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