Staff Picks : January 2020

Staff Picks - Image

Welcome back to Staff Picks. Here you will find a selection of music from your very own ZUMIX staff. After careful selection and deliberation throughout the month of January we have selected these songs and given detailed reasoning as to why they are important to us all.

“Wake Up” by Lateb & Oblivious “W.O.K.E (prod by Jon Glass)”

“This song has been a mainstay in my ears since its release. A collaboration between two artists that I adore- their combined balance of intensity and soothing repetition makes this a song I want to dive straight into and swim in for a while.” – Corey Depina , Youth Development and Performance Manager

“20/20” by Oompa

“Oompa is a real gem to have making music in Boston. From rocking crowds at BAMS Fest to dropping CLEO in 2019, this track 20/20 bumps with such an energy that is infectious, hopeful and forward looking.” – Rene Dongo, Radio Station Manager

“Esperanza Spalding” by Touch in Mine

“It’s nice to witness an artist evolve in a way gracefully escapes behavioral inertia. Touch is my favorite sense.” Ed Emerson, Creative Tech Manager

“Making Breakfast” by Twin Peaks

“I accidentally ended up at a Twin Peaks concert recently, and was BLOWN AWAY by their live show. This song especially is just so filled with simple, pure, expressive joy that makes me wanna boogie!.” – Nikala Pieroni, Development & & Communications Manager

“Song of Women ” by The Hu

“They have a lot of songs, this is my favorite so far. Throat singing! I love the low pitches/harmonics and texture.” – Ed Meradith, Piano Instructor

“Pupil of the Universe ” by Pupil of the Universe

“It isn’t just this one song or this one album; it’s her whole self and everything she creates. Low Leaf lives and breathes her art; she radiates uninhibited creativity and courage to be herself.” – Jireh Calo, Voice Instructor

Take a listen on Spotify as well right here!

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