Hey!!!! This is Daniel, the Video Intern from ZUMIX.

Creative Filmmaking is a class where youth learn how to take their imagination and thoughts into reality, so we can develop a better sense of creativity and teamwork.

Thanks to an alliance with Windy Films, we were able to give our students the chance to work outside the building and work with professional equipment. Now we can highlight the green screen we used in our film “spel Bowuend”


“I daydream a lot, and I want to represent those thoughts into reality, what better way than filmmaking?”

This is an answer from a student from the class when we asked, “why do you like filmmaking?”

In our class, the top priority is to expand our students’ creativity and knowledge about making videos, therefore we try to have a balance of fun and learning.

Many of our students already have good filmmaking skills and products, but they feel a lack of skills to work on a team. This class is perfect for those youth, because they learn how to work together and gather everybody’s thoughts to make a film. Everybody adds their own touch and skill sets.


In the first class the priority is to teach the basics of type of plans/shots, transitions and symbolism in films — details that we often miss when we are filmmaking. We also teach how to use equipment properly so the students don’t have any inconveniences with the cameras, tripods, SD cards, and computers.

After the first classes, we brainstorm ideas for our film for the end of the semester, and start recording. This is a great method to ice break and get to know everybody in the class.


After filming, we start editing, one of the most complex parts of the class. Every student has a unique way to edit which differs from the others. We focus on learning from every student so that we can produce a film that follows a similar flow in each scene.

This was our final production, which is 100% done by the students: 

It is a comedy film in which we inspire in a spelling bee, but in this case a spelling bee with words that don’t actually exist. With a plot twist in the end, the winner is surprised with no surprise.     

Are you interested in joining our class next semester? Check it out here.

Expand your imagination and knowledge to bring it into reality! 



  1. Enjoyed all of this , but couldn’t get the sound in the film to work! It is a great program to build confidence! Thanks for sharing!


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