‘Live on the Air’ Radio Class – Fall 2019

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This fall the ‘Live on the Air’ Radio class brought together young people excited to learn how to make audio stories and craft a larger radio show.

Between running around ZUMIX making Vox Pops, a short segment composed of multiple folks answering the same question, to making a playlists and writing news stories and personal commentaries to be played on the radio; Students worked together to present to the world 2 episodes of their show “Last Minute Laughs”.

You can take a listen to both episodes of this radio show by clicking on the links below and get to hear a mixture of humor and serious topics that they made throughout the semester.

Episode 1 contains interview with ‘Fast’ Eddie Gill of ‘The Mosh Pit’ Radio show and PSA’s recorded by the class featuring the Aquarium’s Climateens.
Episode 2 contains an interview with Breannas Uncle and ZUMIX’s Chrissy Holt along with an extended joke segment!

Cover art for both episodes are compilations of everyones designs while recording the corresponding episodes, click on the photos below to see more details. Youth who graduate from the class are eligible to continue making radio by doing the Firehouse radio show in the winter season. The fall class was co-facilitated with Andrew Allen.

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