Staff Picks : November 2019

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Welcome back to Staff Picks. Here you will find a monthly digest of what our staff is listening to and what songs have been making everyones day and why! If you are curious you will find local music from Seraah & Miranda Rae as well as bright new folks to listen to like Koffee and August Wahh. Check it out below!

Siren 042” by Why? and Lala Lala

This song has been a mainstay in my ears since its release. A collaboration between two artists that I adore- their combined balance of intensity and soothing repetition makes this a song I want to dive straight into and swim in for a while.” – Nikala Pieroni, Development & & Communications Manager

Solomon” by Seraah

Seraah breaks down so many walls with his work, part performance art, part soul dissection, part mystery. This track rips between devastation and triumph, I’m excited that this sound bumps and the video is equally spine tingling.” – Rene Dongo, Radio Station Manager

Thinkin’ Bout You” by Miranda Rae

Miranda Rae is a Boston artist that pours her soul on every track but put a little extra soul into this one. I love being in my feelings and she helps me get there everytime.” – Wilce Mascary, Pathways Coordinator

Blue Dreams” by August Wahh

Jireh Calo, Piano and Vocal Instructor

New Love Casette” by Angel Olsen

This song is about loving as openly as possible, and feels like being in a dark lusty dream. I can’t stop listening.” – Sarah Saydun, Pathways Coordinator

Danny Nedelko” by IDLES

This band always plays with an urgent and reckless sense of pure joy. It’s a simple and powerful pro-immigration message of unity.” – Brian Paulding, Brass Instructor

Chocolate Souffle” by Oz Noy

There’s a part in the head where Oz plays behind the rest of the band (either that or I can’t figure out what polyrhythm he’s actually playing) that feels so good it summons one of the British proclivities I keep tucked away, and renders me incapable of describing it as anything other than DELIGHTFUL! =]” – Ed Emerson, Creative Tech Manager

Legend (Tribute to Usain Bolt) [2017]” by Koffee

My friend introduced me to 19 year old Koffee from Spanish Town, JA. She’s got beautiful energy, a fresh sound, is super talented, yet remains humble. I would love to see her live some day.” – Madeleine Steczynski, Co-Founder & Executive Director

Listen to the playlist on Spotify here!

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