Welcome to the Youth Radio Show Directory!

Below you will find an up to date list of youth radio shows by air date, alongside a photo, a short description. You can listen to ZUMIX Radio right now at 94.9FM and online at zumix.org.

To be booked on a youth radio show or if you have any questions please contact the station manager: rene.dongo@zumix.org, for more information about the ZUMIX Radio you can find it here.


Careers for Years – Keneisha and Mariel

4pm – 5pm (M) – Centered around exploring the paths taken by proffesionals. How did you arrive at your job now? Careers for Years interviews folks in the community about their current jobs and researches what specific careers there are.

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Monday Night Facts – Nic & Bridget

5pm – 6pm (M) – More then meets the ear, this show is a exploration into odd and intriguing topics so that it can live within you as fun facts to know and remember aka Facts on a Monday!

Firehouse (Monday) – Firehouse Archive

6pm – 7pm (M) – Archive of Firehouse Shows broadcasting shows featuring siblings, conversations about school, interviews with artists and more!

Mixen with Max- Max & Matt

7pm – 8pm (M) – Electronic music and sports talk


Eastie Poems – Various

4pm – 5pm (T) – Eastie Poems brings you into the classroom at East Boston High School. Composed of original poetry, you’ll hear a range of incoming high school students talk about school, love, sports, music, home, family and more!

Cruzando Fronteras – Various

5pm – 6pm (T) – La experiencia de EBHS estudiantes de ingles como segundo idioma.

Firehouse (Tuesday) – Marcella

6pm – 7pm (T) – With a mix of humor and know how, tune in to hear the Tuesday Firehouse discuss ‘Funannnimals!’, ‘Moooovies!’ and ‘Foooood!’

Youth Music Hour  – Girls Rock Camp

6pm – 7pm (M) – Music from the Girls Rock Camp archive.


The Outcasts – Geana and Kate

5pm – 6pm (Wed) – With a focus on storytelling, tune in to hear Geana (and on special occasion her brother!) with Kate to delve deep into making live stories. From world building and acting out characters to live role playing, The Outcasts are the fruit loops in a world of cheerios!

Firehouse (Wednesday) – Abe

6pm – 7pm (Wed) – Energetic and spontaneous, this MEEP MEEP radio show highlights a broad range of topics from Hip Hop, Movies and BTS to Conspiracy Theories and LGBTQ Rights.


Firehouse (Thursday) – Tai  & Dabian

6pm – 7pm (Th) – Are you interested in SPACE things and MUSIC things, then this is the show for you! Hear the newest members of the Firehouse crew discuss all the above!

XYZ – Gabi & Tori

7pm – 8pm (Th) – XYZ hosts cross generational conversation about pressing topics.


A.L.B.O.E. – Nat & Jen

4pm – 5pm (F) – Music and Health Talk

Nat & Gen
Quiet on the Set! – Dawry, Marcus and Frida

5pm – 6pm (F) – A LOUD show dissecting movies, one film at a time. Recent shows have highlighted: If AirBud is the best basketball movie of all time? Anime movies and classic horror films that aren’t that scary!

Firehouse (Friday) – Sammy & Cristian

6pm – 7pm (F) – A bilingual show that is deep and personal, all about finding the inner meaning of being in high-school and adventurous stories.

Elemental Radio – Caleb & Phil

7pm – 8pm (F) – Blues, Folk, Rockabilly and Vinyl, the elements of music.

For more information about any of the following click below:
Applying for Youth Radio Classes: http://zumix.org/youth
ZUMIX Radio: http://zumix.org/radio
Community programs: Community Radio Shows

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