Staff Picks : February 2018

Feb 2018-2February ūüôā We’re back with a short list for a short month of ZUMIX Staff Picks. This month brings a mix of Hip Hop, Indie Rock and Local Music. Take a dive into the mix with a stand out track from Black Panther, two local artists working in different genres and a Soca track you’ll want hit replay on.

“Nina Simone’s ‘Young Gifted and Black’¬†” by¬†Aretha Franklin

“For Black History month I thought it would be great to remind myself of how special I am” –Corey DePina,¬†Youth Development and Performance Manager

“Venus in Furs” by¬†Velvet Underground

“This song encapsulates why the Velvet Underground was ahead of it’s time and solidified it’s influence for decades to come.” –¬†Kim Dawson, Director of Advancement

“All the Stars” by¬†Kendrick Lamar & SZA

“Kendrick walking with supernatural black panthers looks to the past and the future. I love the calm pulse that goes through this whole song, the gorgeous colors and production, and the final shot of SZA’s bun turning into Africa, then the universe.” –¬†Brittany Thomas,¬†Radio Station Manager

“Variations on an Aria” by¬†People Like You

“Excellent local jazz/emo/indie/rock/heart/soul/mind music. Nothing I can say will do People Like You justice, so just give them a listen.” –¬†Sarah Saydun,¬†Pathways Coordinator

“Dog Milk” by¬†Palm

“In the indie rock space, Palm is completely disrupting what it means to be a traditional rock band. Their compositions slip and slide through mixed meters with complex rhythmic play between all voices while incorporating unconventional electronic sounds while maintaining a level of ‘pop sensibilities’. They have deep artistic and musical prowess and are equally genuine and thoughtful human beings that are carving an important trail for guitar rock bands.” –¬†Nicole Pompei,¬†Teaching Artist

“This Ole King” by¬†WHY?

“WHY? has been a consistent and reliable band in my life. There’s nothing better than a favorite artist coming out with new albums that are just as good as those before them. Plus, I’m a sucker for a unique voice singing melodic and repetitive chorus.” –¬†Nikala Peroni,¬†Development & Communications Associate

“Hello” by¬†Kes

“My favorite tune from Trinidad and Tobago carnival this year. Can’t help but move to this one.” –¬†Brian Paulding,¬†Brass Instructor

“Flamingo” by Kero Kero Bonito

“Sometimes the best times of your life happen on the anniversary of the worst. P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E.” –¬†Julianna Quiroz, Administrative Assistant

“Edges” by¬†Seraah

“Seraah is complex artist who fuses movement, music and surreal imagery and to me ‘Edges’ pushes feelings in a visceral way, I loved how this video encapsulated the vibe Seraah puts out at live shows and glad to see it be transported to a torch lit forest, elevating it to an ethereal level” –¬†Rene Dongo,¬†Radio Program Coordinator

Listen to the playlist here on Spotify:



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