Volunteer Spotlight: Stefan Maryniak


stefanrocksBoston Landmarks Orchestraphoto credit: Michael Dwyer

Do you know Stefan Maryniak? While he is deeply beloved by many in our community, the true extent of his involvement could easily have slipped under the radar…until now!

Beginning with his first foray into the ZUMIX Songwriting & Performance programs as a volunteer with the Write Rhythm in Spring of 2016, Stefan brought a level of expertise that was almost as impressive as his level of modesty about it. Having a rich background of experiences in music composition, production, and performance, it was clear from the start that there would be ample opportunities for Stefan to support ZUMIX programs in a thoughtful, inventive way. After that semester, Stefan expressed an interest in working with advanced songwriters to hone their craft, and since became an integral part of with Wild Painting’s monumental Boston Landmarks Orchestra collaboration, guiding the group in songwriting and orchestration. As if all of that wasn’t enough, he even provided a database management consultation with our administration team, drawing from his professional experience in software development!
Here’s what Wild Painting’s Angelina Botticelli has to say about working with Stefan:
“I got the privilege to work very closely with Stefan when Wild Painting started writing for the Landmarks Orchestra collaboration. We started off as strangers and 6 months later, he’s not only super close to me, but to everyone in the band. He knows our inside jokes and he’s become someone we look to for insight and advice. He’s one of the nicest, coolest, most down to earth people I’ve ever gotten to work with/meet & his British accent makes it even better.” 
Stefan, from all of us here at ZUMIX, thank you for making a difference in our community through your love of music and support of talented young people. You totally rock!

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