Boston Landmarks Orchestra & ZUMIX: Anthems of the World

By, Saphire Broxton, Events Intern


On August 9th, ZUMIX youth band Wild Painting performed with the Boston Landmarks Orchestra at the Hatch Memorial Shell! ZUMIX has been partners with the Boston Landmarks Orchestra for the past two years, and this year the theme was Anthems of the World. The performance was one of six that night, along with performances from the Boston String Academy and music from composers such as Amy Beach.

Wild Painting’s “Views”, written and produced with the help of Gonzalo Grau specifically for this performance, is raw and emotional, and described as “an anthem of youth culture”. It features three main components that are meant to describe three aspects of life many youth today experience: pressure, passion/production, and activism. The transitions between the three parts were flawless; going from upbeat, to more emotional and intense, then back to upbeat. The lyrics were breathtaking and honest, featuring lines such as “the pressures getting around and pulling me down”, “music is flowing and growing seeds in the ground”, and “if we’re taught to be conscious consumers are knowledge and our loving is what brought us here”.


Not only were the lyrics amazing, but the combination of the band’s instruments and vocals with the orchestra’s instruments were so powerful and uninhibited that you could not help but be moved. The performance was astounding, and a perfect example of the greatness that can be created when youth are allowed to be creative and true to themselves. Wild Painting broke barriers with their performance, and there is no doubt that they, and other youth as well, will continue to do so in the very near future.


Listen to and download Wild Painting’s first album, Emotions, here:

Follow them on their social medias to keep up to date:




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