Pathways Speaker Series: Art With a Heart


By Kaylene Sheran, Pathways Intern

Have you ever heard a song, read a book, or watched a play that had the power of connecting with you on a personal level? On July 21st, ZUMIX Pathways hosted it’s second Summer Speaker Series event, “How To Use Art For Healing’. The Summer Speaker Series is a collection of four “how to” events created to help ZUMIX youth, staff, and other community members to connect with professionals in various industries, with a goal of helping people learn about various careers. At this panel, there were six panelists from various art fields who have used art to help others heal.

Many of the panelists, including Cliff Notez, the founder of Hipstory and New Music Programs had shared how creating his own music has also helped him to heal from his own personal challenges. Cliff spoke about the challenges that he faced in regards to living in America as a man of color and how music was always his main outlet to help him heal from the trauma that he faced. Noemi Paz, the founder of “Sharing Our Stories” also spoke about how helping others who have faced sexual traumas has helped her to overcome the pain that she faced from her own trauma.

Other panelists who spoke included: Yadriane De Angel, a music therapy student at Berklee and musician who aims to help other people through giving them the ability to create music; Dee Diggs who helps marginalized groups of people to heal through her DJing at Evlv Tech; KC Mackey, who aims to help African American individuals through her DJing; and Allyssa Jones, who helps children to heal through performing arts. At the end of the panel, audience members were enthusiastic towards asking the panelists more about their careers. The audience Q&A session was particularly exciting for many ZUMIX youth since many of them plan to help others through the arts when they are older.

The next Summer Speaker Series panel will be on Thursday, August 3rd 2017 from 6-8pm, and the topic of this panel will be “How To Be Your Own Boss’, which will feature many chief executive officers from various businesses along with entrepreneurs. All Summer Speaker Series events will take place at ZUMIX. These events are free, open to the public, and open to people of all ages to attend! We hope that you will join us!

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