Staff Picks: May 2017

Staff Picks - May 2017

They say April showers bring May flowers but we seem to be running a bit behind schedule here in the dreary rain-filled past few weeks. Time to ditch those clouds and let this month’s staff picks from your friends at ZUMIX brighten up your days. Check out picks below including: Sharon Jones, Soundgarden, Ian Sweet, and more (p.s. We even snuck in a podcast there….)!

“If You’re Crying” by Ian Sweet

“Because sometimes I’m a sad girl and it feels good to listen to other sad girls be sad.” – Sarah Saydun, Pathways Coordinator

“100 Days, 100 Nights” by Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings

“Powerful and thematically relevant – 100 days down – 1,360 to go!” – Madeleine Steczynski, Co-Founder & Executive Director

“The World Is Mind”  by KRS-One

“A new album from the teacher KRS-One. he took this popular folk story and turned into a great hip hop song with the message. Enjoy!” – Corey DePina, Youth Development and Performance Manager

“Politically Re-Active” by Hari Kondabolu and W Kamau Bell
“I know I’m cheating in that this isn’t a song but I can’t stop listening to this hilarious and thought-provoking podcast. Sometimes you just need to laugh while you’re listening to people talk about politics in America!” – Anni Leff, Development Associate

“Get on the Bus” by Peace, Loving

“That first day of school, when you get abducted by aliens.” – Scott Mizrachi, Volunteer Coordinator

“Trail Of Tears” by The Budos Band

“They’re super funky and epic. These are also some of the best recordings I’ve heard so shoutout to Daptone Records.” – Mario Jarjour, ZUMIX Teen Council Member

“Little River” by Loamlands

“Beautiful summer song with protest roots.” – Kelly Baker, Director of Development

“Switch Opens” by Soundgarden 

“While I have been listening to many things in the past months, I believe this takes precedence. Chris Cornell, the vocalist/guitarist/songwriter of Soundgarden, passed away Thursday, May 18th. The band taught me a lot about what it meant to be inventive songwriter as I first listened to them in the 9th grade while also starting to play guitar. Chris and his bandmate Kim Thayil inspired me to be thoughtful, a careful listener, and to really care about what my guitar sounds like. This song embodies a lot of what I love and what I aspire to be.” – Ramsel Gonzalez, Program Manager

“The First Hippie On The Moon, PT. II” by Cuddle Magic

“I love this song! The beautiful and haunting melody, the motivic development that circles the same melodic line in a few different keys, seamlessly, the poignant lyrics “heroes give up, zeros add up, and the margins fill the page”, the fat synth that drops half way through, that groove! Plus the band are good friends of mine which adds to the whole experience – Cuddle Magic!” – Avi Salloway, Live Sound Coordinator

“Different” by Gideon Pigeon

“Joe was my roommate when he conceived of this and I got to be the fly on the wall while he was writing, playing, and recording on an old 4-track tape recorder. I’m so proud of him and grateful I got to witness this creative process!” – Jenny Shulman, Director of Operations

“How To Boil An Egg” by Courtney Barnett

“Courtney Barnett used to play this song constantly live when she was 21. Now at age 30 she recorded the track for the very first time, forever immortilizing it into her catalogue. It’s common for artists to do exactly the opposite, delete old demos and discard old works to preserve a brand. There’s a beauty to openly and publicly showcasing your former self and as always I am thankful for another A+ song title.” – Jeeyoon Kim, Events Associate


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