ZUMIX <3 Airtable

Sweet dual-monitor set-up not included with Airtable software.

ZUMIX was originally introduced to Airtable, a web-based database, through a community volunteer who has been using this product for his own business. We had been experiencing issues tracking information about our students and parents in an easy and reportable format. He suggested Airtable, in the hopes that experimenting with this database would help us refine what our data-tracking needs were. Little did he know that Airtable was the database for us.

Whenever we ask, “can we do this?,” we usually find that we can.

ZUMIX has been experimenting with Airtable for the past 5 months and every day we find something new that we love! Our favorite part is how open-ended the software is. Whenever we ask, “can we do this?,” we usually find that we can.

Having a database that can create fields that run formulas, create drop down menus, and then filter quickly off of those fields has made reporting so much easier. The UI is clean, user-friendly, and easy to manipulate. The different field types makes tracking certain types of information simple and well formatted.

ZUMIX recommends this software for anybody who is looking to build their own database. Airtable has made tracking data easy and fun because it caters to your needs, what else could you ask for?


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