Looking forward: ZUMIX Spring Semester 2017

ZUMIX’s program year is divided into three different semesters: fall, spring, and summer. And in two weeks the spring semester of ZUMIX programs will begin, and students from far and wide across the lands of Greater Boston and the neighboring towns will be meeting at 260 Sumner street every week. Some of the exciting classes available this semester are Drumline, Droppin’ (a hip-hop class), Music Theory, Radio Street Team, and Zoom In (video production).

Sarah, 15, preps the stage audio system for a student performance

Sarah, 15, a student who has taken classes at ZUMIX in the past, is applying for Zoom In, and it isn’t her first tech class here. She has taken “mostly Z-Tech classes” and wants to work with technology in the future, and ZUMIX is giving her opportunities to learn and even sending her to do tech for gigs. Her friend, Annika, 16, is applying to ZUMIX for the first time this semester. Annika is also applying for a technology related program, Z-tech Live.

“I’m excited about learning the technical side of sound because it’s not something I have a lot of experience with, but it’s something I’d like to learn instead of being left to figure out on my own.” – Annika, 16

The teacher of the Z-Tech Live program is none other than our very own Dan Fox. Dan has been at ZUMIX for 14 years and is excited for the second year of Z-tech Video programs to start. He also works with all the tech equipment at ZUMIX and is pumped about the newly donated speakers from Genelec, which will be placed in ZUMIX’s radio station.

For the rest of the non-techies at ZUMIX there is so much to look forward to. A prospective private lesson piano student, Wanda, 17, is looking to ZUMIX because it is a place where you can “work in teams with people of our age and through music we can express ourselves.” Cristian, 15, is hoping he gets into Rock-ed, and, more so, hopes that new people join so that he “can meet new instrumentalists and see how different people form and develop themselves in their own instruments.”

The Eddy Grand Opening
Wild Painting performing at The Eddy in East Boston

Also in the new semester, Wild Painting, a ZUMIX band, is finishing up recording their first EP. And another band may begin recording in ZUMIX’s recording studio, called Metabots. All of this activity will be the backdrop to a strategic planning process led by an outside consultant, who will help get ZUMIX from our 25th birthday to our 30th. But for right now, as one of our Sprouts students, Omar, 8, said, this spring semester “is gonna be WOW!”

by Janna Ramadan, 16, ZUMIX Development Intern


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