Staff Picks – January 2017

Staff Picks - Jan 2017.png

The new year means new things, right? At ZUMIX we often find music as a top tier source of inspiration, motivation, and overall good vibes. With that in mind, we are starting a new monthly tradition and are proud to present you with the first edition of a monthly round-up of what our staff is listening to these days.

Scroll through the list that see what’s inspiring everyone from our grant writers to our teaching artists, youth staff, and more! Be sure to tune back in each month to see what new things are  bumping through our speakers. Happy listening!

“Lucky I Got What I Want” by Jungle

“This song (the whole album, in fact) is the perfect soundtrack for my commute to work.” – Kelly Baker, Development & Communications Manager

“Freedom” by Rose Cousins

“Rose’s music is so personally honest, and her voice is so beautiful, I always feel calm and warm listening to her sing, only wishing I could write as well as she does.” – Anni Leff, Development Associate 

“Drew Barrymore” by Sza

“This song connects to so many of my emotions and it makes me feel apart of something bigger than myself.” – Angelina Botticelli, Events Intern

“The Bird” by Anderson .Paak

“This song is enjoyable to anyone, specifically for me it is so soothing to hear in the morning, but Anderson .Paak still has so much soul in his voice that it has enough energy.” – Dawry Ruiz, Communications Intern

“Keep Your Name” by Dirty Projectors

“This song slows me down and I am thankful for that.” – Jeeyoon Kim, Community Arts & Events Coordinator

“Jealous Sun” by Parker Millsap

“I love the delicate nature of the song and the lyrics – how it begins and ends not with a strict tempo, but with the pace of tired breathing.” – Brian Paulding, Teaching Artist

Human Body Feel” by Skinny Bones

“A collage of sampled sounds and words, this super weird, super fun dance tune is a reflection on the one-sided nature of portraying one’s experience through art. The lyrics are a cut-up poem put together by transcribing hours of field recordings, printing out the words, cutting them up, and rearranging then rearranging them. Also, there’s pan flute.” – Sarah Saydun, Mass Promise Fellow, Pathways Coordinator

“Ricky (Caught Me Tryin’)” by Spirit of the Beehive

“With their slightly jarring use of five repeated chords in the main progression, it gives the song a constant rising tension that is quickly resolved. The song’s 2:22 runtime makes me want to listen over and over again due to its catchy chromatic melody.” – Ramsel Gonzalez, Program Coordinator, Business Administrator

“Paul” by Big Thief

“A wistful, lilting love ballad of what could have been.” – Sophie Kazis, Radio Program Coordinator

“Why They Had to Kill Him” by Stooges Brass Band

“I got to travel to New Orleans this month and can’t get the brass band rhythms out of my head — especially for this awesome second line turned international touring band, who mix traditional brass with hip hop.” – Brittany Thomas, ZUMIX Radio Station Manager

“Slow Rider” by Cuddle Magic

“Beautifully groovy.” – Dan Fox, Technical Director


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