Volunteer Spotlight: Matt Shearer

Here at ZUMIX we are very fortunate to have such an amazing staff and talented youth leadership. We are also grateful for all of the volunteers from our community who help us, every day, work toward our mission of, empowered youth who make strong positive changes in their lives, communities, and the world.mattshearer

ZUMIX volunteers, who’ve tirelessly dedicated themselves to serve the needs of our community out of the goodness of their hearts, have largely been the unsung heroes of our ambitious operation…until now! We are pleased to introduce the first edition of ZUMIX Volunteer Spotlight, a bi-weekly article highlighting the contributions of one of our amazing volunteers.

We are excited to launch this project as a way to learn more about each volunteer and express our deepest gratitude for all of their help. So, without any further ado:

Matt “Radio” Shearer

Matt Shearer is a force of nature. His determined work ethic and unbridled enthusiasm have a profound impact on all the projects that he’s a part of at ZUMIX. He is currently mentoring two radio programs on 94.9 ZUMIX Radio, Monday Night Facts with Nick Benjamin, and Alternative Adolescence with Carlos Perez.

Matt brings a high-level of expertise to his mentorship from studying radio at Emerson College and producing the TJ show on 103.3 Amp Radio. As if these feats weren’t impressive enough, Matt has also stayed up all night at the ZUMIX Summer Sleep-over and wielded gigantic puppets at the ZUMIX Radio Block Party!

Matt, from all of us here at ZUMIX, thanks for everything you do!

Want to volunteer with ZUMIX? Find out more here!


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