Did you know? ZUMIX Radio is becoming a radio station on the dial at 94.9.

ZUMIX Radio is a youth and community station, operating as a web stream since 2005. In 2014, ZUMIX was one of only two community organizations in the Boston area awarded a license to broadcast on the FM dial- allowing us to bring the voices of East Boston youth to listeners throughout the Boston area.  ZUMIX Radio programs are brought to you by ZUMIX youth, community members, and students at East Boston High School.


Why This Matters:

We will be broadcasting at 94.9FM in the fall of 2016! In a time when students are losing arts in school, building a radio studio at East Boston High School means that those students will have new and exciting opportunities for 21st century learning. The studio at the ZUMIX Firehouse will offer a space for the young people in our neighborhood to have a place to feel heard and valued, and to develop their voices as meaningful members of the world. ZUMIX Radio will be a place of community gathering, sharing, storytelling, local and underplayed music, and critical information.

hoyjayt2r3nmdbrl6fjfWhen you move through the dial on FM it’s not hard to find stations playing top 40s hits and Billboard’s favorites, sports talk shows dissecting every minute of last night’s game, or NPR affiliates diving into the latest in national and global news. What it’s much harder to find, though, is content that is tailored to YOUR neighborhood, and the voices who actually live there. Being a Low-Power FM station means that our broadcast will be hyperlocal- spanning 4 miles from the site of our tower at East Boston High School. We’ll cover East Boston, Winthrop, Chelsea, Revere, Everett, and downtown Boston, and the issues that are important for those communities.

What We Need:

We’re so close to completing this project, which has been a dream of ours for 10 years. Our radio antenna and transmission equipment were successfully installed this summer, and in order to complete our project, we only have a few more things left to do!

Here’s what our project looks like:

  • Transmitter equipment (done!)
  • Antenna (done!)
  • Studio to Transmitter Link (done!)
  • Studio installation at East Boston High School
  • ZUMIX Studio Upgrades
  • Remote Broadcast Equipment

Pledge your support today and help bring the voices of youth and community to East Boston and beyond! Your financial support will enable us to procure the necessary equipment needed to get on the FM dial successfully.


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