Get to know ‘The Lost Boys’

‘The Lost Boys’ – Listen Live on Tuesday Nights from 7pm – 8pm

‘The Lost Boys’ is a brand new hip hop show on ZUMIX Radio hosted by Biggie, Chris, Dawry and Chad. In this post we are highlighting the first three interviews they have conducted with Kiki.D, Rex Mac and the actors of ‘Hype Man‘. You can tune in to hear them¬†live on-air every Tuesday night from 7pm to 8pm.

“If you tune in you would get a better understanding of hip hop culture in Boston and get to see new generations of hip hop artists coming to fruition who are on the rise while getting to hear great new artists you normally wouldn’t hear.

‘The Lost Boys’ show is nice too because it’s not just hearing us talk about hip hop topics but theres a live cypher at the end and there you can get a first hand look at ‘Project Method’ where you can hear teens who are passionate about hip hop as a culture and not just a market.”

– Chad, co-host of ‘The Lost Boys’



Staff Picks : February 2018

Feb 2018-2February ūüôā We’re back with a short list for a short month of ZUMIX Staff Picks. This month brings a mix of Hip Hop, Indie Rock and Local Music. Take a dive into the mix with a stand out track from Black Panther, two local artists working in different genres and a Soca track you’ll want hit replay on.

“Nina Simone’s ‘Young Gifted and Black’¬†” by¬†Aretha Franklin

“For Black History month I thought it would be great to remind myself of how special I am” –Corey DePina,¬†Youth Development and Performance Manager

“Venus in Furs” by¬†Velvet Underground

“This song encapsulates why the Velvet Underground was ahead of it’s time and solidified it’s influence for decades to come.” –¬†Kim Dawson, Director of Advancement

“All the Stars” by¬†Kendrick Lamar & SZA

“Kendrick walking with supernatural black panthers looks to the past and the future. I love the calm pulse that goes through this whole song, the gorgeous colors and production, and the final shot of SZA’s bun turning into Africa, then the universe.” –¬†Brittany Thomas,¬†Radio Station Manager

“Variations on an Aria” by¬†People Like You

“Excellent local jazz/emo/indie/rock/heart/soul/mind music. Nothing I can say will do People Like You justice, so just give them a listen.” –¬†Sarah Saydun,¬†Pathways Coordinator

“Dog Milk” by¬†Palm

“In the indie rock space, Palm is completely disrupting what it means to be a traditional rock band. Their compositions slip and slide through mixed meters with complex rhythmic play between all voices while incorporating unconventional electronic sounds while maintaining a level of ‘pop sensibilities’. They have deep artistic and musical prowess and are equally genuine and thoughtful human beings that are carving an important trail for guitar rock bands.” –¬†Nicole Pompei,¬†Teaching Artist

“This Ole King” by¬†WHY?

“WHY? has been a consistent and reliable band in my life. There’s nothing better than a favorite artist coming out with new albums that are just as good as those before them. Plus, I’m a sucker for a unique voice singing melodic and repetitive chorus.” –¬†Nikala Peroni,¬†Development & Communications Associate

“Hello” by¬†Kes

“My favorite tune from Trinidad and Tobago carnival this year. Can’t help but move to this one.” –¬†Brian Paulding,¬†Brass Instructor

“Flamingo” by Kero Kero Bonito

“Sometimes the best times of your life happen on the anniversary of the worst. P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E.” –¬†Julianna Quiroz, Administrative Assistant

“Edges” by¬†Seraah

“Seraah is complex artist who fuses movement, music and surreal imagery and to me ‘Edges’ pushes feelings in a visceral way, I loved how this video encapsulated the vibe Seraah puts out at live shows and glad to see it be transported to a torch lit forest, elevating it to an ethereal level” –¬†Rene Dongo,¬†Radio Program Coordinator

Listen to the playlist here on Spotify:


Staff Picks : January 2018

Dec 2017

It’s the new year, and we’re looking forward to all ahead for ZUMIX, as well as the great artists on this list. 2018 will bring a new LP for experimental rock band, Palm, a work which borrows methods from electronic music. Jamila Woods will be on tour, stopping in¬†Boston! And Bedouine will make her¬†‘telly debut’¬†on Late Night with Seth Myers. Whatever your goals are for the new year, go get em!

“Dog Milk” by¬†Palm

“Palm continues to amaze me with how they keep their rhythms so sporadic feeling yet the groove of this band is unshakable and locked in. Harmony wise, it’s a breath of fresh air to hear such bright and optimistic progressions layered over dense syncopation.” –¬†Ramsel Gonzalez,¬†Program Manager

“Glory Bound” by Martin Sexton

“Pretty much sums up the beauty, possibility, and loneliness of following a dream.” –¬†Kim Dawson, Director of Advancement

“Wave of Mutilation” by The Pixies

“Driving backbeat with slow intensity, shimmering guitars and aquatic imagery. This song brings me to a place I’ve never been, yet somehow remember…” –¬†Scott Mizrachi,¬†Community Engagement Coordinator

“Marcy Me” by Jay – Z

“An incredible ode to a beautiful city full of contradictions, this music video places ¬†fear, suspicion & surveillance in direct contrast to joy, freedom & family. Personally it brings up many good memories of walking down Nostrand Ave.” –¬†Rene Dongo,¬†Radio Program Coordinator

“Holy Ghost” by Bent Knee¬†

“This¬†song makes me go “wow.” The lead singer’s vocals are mind-blowing, the instrumentals are dynamic and intricate. It’s eerie, theatrical, catchy, and insanely impressive.” –¬†Nikala Pieroni,¬†Development and Communications Associate

“LSD” by Jamila Woods ft. Chance the Rapper

“I couldn’t get Jamila Woods’s entire album, HEAVN, off repeat this month.¬† A beautiful blend of R&B, jazz, poetry, and protest, each song is intimate, powerful and very catchy.” – Sarah Saydun, Pathways Coordinator

“Second Time Around” by Tuxedo

“January is a reflective time; it’s my birth month, first month of the new year, and home to everything bitterly cold and dead. My ex sent this to me some weeks before breaking up with me, and I think that’s laughable now. I would like to think this song will set the tone for second chances and new opportunities in 2018!” – Julianna Quiroz, Administrative Assistant

“How Far” by Tei Shi

“I loved this song’s groove long before I saw the video, which is more gruesome than the matching turquoise car and water tower let on. ¬†I think I’ll just keep pretending that sorry could be a genuine thing to say.” – Brittany Thomas, Radio Station Manager

“100 Percent” by Sammus

“Sammus’s prowess as a beat maker and a lyricist is really inspiring. She creates some of the raddest beats to transcribe and play on drums!” – Nicole Pompei, Teaching Artist

“Calypso” by GBN Nutro

“Chill and minimal soca vibes to keep me warm all winter.” – Brian Paulding, Teaching Artist

“Solidarity Daughter” by Bedouine

“Born in Aleppo, Syria to Armenian parents, Korkejian spent her childhood in Saudi Arabia, moving to America when her family won a Green Card lottery. She’s lived the life of a nomad which inspired her to chose the name, Bedouine. She sounds like an old soul. I love her gentle vocal delivery, beautiful lyrics and arrangements. “Leave me to the books and the radio snow. Leave me alone to the charcoal and the dancing shadow.”” – Avi Salloway, Z-Tech Live Sound Coordinator

Listen to the playlist here on Spotify:

ICA Boston Teen Programs Visit ZUMIX Radio

Over the last couple months the ICA Boston Teen Programs have come to visit ZUMIX Radio to discuss their fall audio projects. Below you can check out the full interviews and listen to the insight they’ve gathered from creating those projects. ¬†The first interview below features the Thursday Fast Forward Video Class and the second interview features AMP the music production class.


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“I really enjoyed the new experience of understanding a program which seems very appealing and being a person interviewing such interesting, kind people who understand that this program is so great and it really means something to each of them individually!”¬†– Cella Bella, Firehouse Host¬†


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All photos courtesy of ICA Teen Programs.

Staff Picks : December 2017 *Holiday Edition*

Dec 2017.jpg

Ehhh It’s the Holiday Edition of Staff Picks! Which is so nice, we have a collection of music to lift your spirits along with that eggnog! Enjoy the classic picks below along with some real funky ones!

Ain’t No Chimneys in the Projects” by¬†Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings

OK Ok OK this song is not an oldie, yet but i love how its funky and brings up a good point.” –¬†Corey DePina,¬†Youth Development and Performance Manager

Last Month of the Year” by¬†The Staple Singers

Gospel, soul and R&B coalesce in early 1960’s Chicago…a Christmas miracle!” –¬†Scott Mizrachi,¬†Community Engagement Coordinator

Last Christmas” by¬†Wham!

Yes, this is actually my favorite Christmas song. I genuinely love all my 80’s music with a heaping serving of cheese – bet you didn’t know that about me.” –¬†Sarah Saydun,¬†Pathways Coordinator

This Christmas” by¬†Boyz II Men

RnB that heats you up like a warm fire — so smooth, with handbells!” –¬†Brittany Thomas,¬†Radio Station Manager

Christmas Time Is Here” by¬†Vince Guaraldi

This song always makes me wanna drink some hot chocolate, snuggle on my couch and fall asleep while watching it snow ūüôā Yup.” –¬†Rene Dongo,¬†Radio Program Coordinator

8 Days (of Hanukkah)” by¬†Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings

This is the funkiest song about the Celebration of Lights and Sharon Jones makes the “Dreidel” song sound badass.” –¬†Jenny Shulman,¬†Director of Operations

Shark Smile” by¬†Big Thief

Adrianne Lenker is a prolific songwriter and Big Thief tunes are the perfect addition to long drives!” –¬†Nicole Pompei,¬†Teaching Artist

Little Saint Nick” by¬†The Beach Boys

I don’t know about you, but I like to have beach vibes no matter the season. Merry Christmas, Saint Nick!” –¬†Julianna Quiroz,¬†Administrative Assistant


Staff Picks : November 2017

Nov 2017.jpg

This November we’ve celebrated reasons why we give thanks and music is one of the biggest things we are grateful for. Below our staff has shared their picks and we’re looking forward to this holiday season!

“Unravel Me” by¬†Sabrina Claudio

“Super smooth r&b that I really can’t get off repeat. I’m in awe of this woman!” –¬†Sarah Saydun,¬†Pathways Coordinator

“They Say” by¬†Wu Tang ft Redman

“Here we go again the Wu Tang saga continues after years of nothing we got this” –¬†Corey DePina,¬†Youth Development and Performance Manager

“Blackstar” by¬†David Bowie

“What a way to go! Bowie releases “Blackstar,” his 25th album on his 69th birthday and dies two days later. A spirit gift!” –¬†Avi Salloway,¬†Z-Tech Live Sound Coordinator

“Pearly” by¬†Palm

“Palm writes backwards future music that will turn your brain upside down and inside out. They are an incredible must see live band!” –Nicole Pompei,¬†Teaching Artist

“The Best of Times” by¬†Sage Francis

“This song feels powerful to me. It makes me feel like I am part of something larger when I listen to it; truly tapped into a holistic human experience.” –¬†Nikala Peroni,¬†Development & Communications Associate

“Surf”¬†by¬†John Cushing Big Band

” ‘Surf’ is a celebration of life, as one ‘rides the wave.’¬†” –Scott Mizrachi, Community Engagement Coordinator

“Sugar for the Pill” by¬†Slowdive

“After 20+ years away from the scene, Slowdive has returned stronger than ever – Sugar for the Pill features a catchy melody and a healthy dose of reverb, satisfying all of your shoegaze needs.” –¬†Magdalena Abrego,¬†Teaching Artist

“Tessellate (Cover)” by¬†Emma Louise

“I love Alt-J, but this cover by Emma Louise on Like a Version is a luxurious and languid journey that almost sounds like the ghost of the original. I love hearing it.” –¬†Julianna Quiroz, Administrative Assistant

“Freedom Is Free” by¬†Chicano Batman

“A gorgeous song coupled with an excruititing video that contradicts and playfully introduces themes of liberation and confinement.” – Rene Dongo,¬†Radio Program Coordinator

“I Wanna Be Like You” by¬†Ibeyi

“For longest time I thought this song was about missing your younger self (which I kinda liked for being nostalgic) but then I learned that its about wanting to be like your twin (which I can’t relate to). Still like it though!” –¬†Brittany Thomas,¬†Radio Station Manager

Staff Picks: October 2017

Oct 2017

ZUMIX is buzzing with music suggestions! October has been a busy month here at the firehouse and the music is flowing, from local music and new music to classic tracks. Here it is, take a listen and enjoy the vibes!

“Beggin & Pleadin” by¬†Brandy

“It sounds like trap, country gospel” –¬†Corey DePina,¬†Youth Development and Performance Manager

“Noise” by¬†Messy Hearts

“This is the newest most electronic sounding track from a friend, Dora, who I used to waitress alongside. I imagine this song would be the soundtrack of the scene where we carry heavy trays around in our coming-of-age movie.” –¬†–¬†Brittany Thomas,¬†Radio Station Manager

“Show You the Way” by¬†Thundercat

“This is modern Yacht Rock, and There some uniquely inspiring bass lines and incredible production on this track.” –¬†Joel Edinberg,¬†Z-Tech Mentor

“Simply Falling” by¬†Iyeoka

“I heard Iyeoka perform a poetry set in Colorado, and then learned she was also from Boston. I bought her album expecting more poetry, and found instead this sultry, jazzy collection of songs that I haven’t been able to stop listening to!”¬†– Anni Leff, Development & Communications Associate

“Tinariwen” by¬†Tiwayyen

“Release yourself to the spirit and sound of the Tenere (the desert)! Tinariwen are a band of Tuareg musicians from Azawad (Mali/Algeria). They survivors of colonization, oppression, desertification, war, and famine. The music rises above adversity, transcends boundaries and carries us forward!”– Avi Salloway, Z-Tech Live Sound Coordinator

“Sleep Gets Your Ghost” by¬†Buke and Gase

“I was obsessed with this album when it came out in 2010, and have recently rediscovered how much I love Buke and Gase. They play with modified instruments — an electric 6-string ukulele (buke), and a guitar/bass hybrid (gase). The duo also plays percussion with their feet, creating super interesting melodies and polyrhythms. And Arone Dyer’s voice is ridiculously beautiful.” ¬†–¬†Sarah Saydun,¬†Pathways Coordinator

“If You Met Her” by¬†Palehound

“Palehound are amazing musicians and people who make really raw, genuine, and honest music, and “A Place I’ll Always Go’ is a perfect soundtrack for the fall.”¬†Nicole Pompei,¬†Teaching Artist

“Ooh Child” by¬†The Five Stairsteps

“It doesn’t matter how down I’m feeling, this song never fails to lift my spirits.”¬†Scott Mizrachi,¬†Community Engagement Coordinator

“What Are They Doing in Heaven Today?” by¬†Washington Phillips

“So haunting. So beautiful.”¬† – Brian Paulding, Brass Instructor

“Hold Your Head High” by¬†Heartless Bastards

“I love this song – Its an exercise in resiliency. There is one lyric in particular that really gets me: “You see I’ve got this fascination with the wrong ways to go… I get lost even in the places that I know‚ÄĚ I feel like there is so much beauty in that phrase. Oftentimes thats how you find the best places but there will always be a level of anxiety and struggle that goes hand in hand with getting lost. This song reminds me that its ok to feel lost and that “this too, shall pass.”¬†”¬† -Jenny Shulman,¬†Director of Operations

“Lovely Thing Suite: Conversations” by¬†Watsky

“Watksy has a such an incredible grasp on storytelling, using lyricism to water the ideas he wants to grow and impart; Part 1 is a heartfelt look at our mortality, life’s big questions & the relationships we build”¬†–¬†Rene Dongo,¬†Radio Program Coordinator